In this world gone mad, it has never been more important for every individual to rise up to their full potential, living their soul’s purpose, and creating the life of their dreams. As a tool, astrology is one of the most potent ways to gain insights into your individual sense of self, as well as your connection to the universe that invented you. Your natal chart – the map of where the planets were when you were born – contains the blueprint of all of this; from your personal experience of identity, the hidden expression of your dharma, and the mysterious way you interact with your environment that is unique to you.
What You Will Learn
True Meaning of Signs 
Planets and how they work
Houses that make up your Natal Chart
Aspects & Geometry of the Planets 
How to read your own chart

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This course was absolutely terrific! I had no reality on how much was involved with my natal chart or even how to read it. He is good and communicating the information and there is a lot. Looking forward to an Astrology 102 course!

I just listened all the way through the recording of our hour together. Thank you. Thank you. I feel aligned and on board with the unfolding. And I delight again in who you are and the gift you so boldly and enthusiastically pour out.

Dr. Michael’s astrology course is incredibly user friendly, while also inspiring a relationship between the symbols and myself. He has a way of bringing the planets, houses and signs to life. This course helps me understand to and grasp what all those readings I’ve had have been helping me to understand about myself. Taking this course helped understand astrology and myself. The best thing about Astrology 101 is Michael has assisted so I’m no longer completely on the dark about what’s happening within me. And for this, I am deeply grateful. 

This man knows his stuff! The amount of interactions going on in my chart kind of scared me but he really did a wonderful job explaining all the positives and challenges associated with my birth chart. Thank you Michael!

You are very dear to me, Michael. You remain with me every day on this journey when I read your Astro-Alert and when I feel your presence in my heart.